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Social Media Broadcaster/Host 20K Follwers & growing (LIKEE)
Height: 5’5                                           Weight: 125

Hair: Black                                           Eyes: Brown

Title Role Director / Company
White Now Please Supporting  Kyle Lau, Director
The Way Supporting  Khalili Dastan, Director
Pet Friendly Supporting  Whitney Cummings, Director
Bigger Issues Supporting  Steven Davis, Director
All About Nina Supporting  Eva Vives, Director
WAKING Lead  John P Aguirre, Director
Chris And Annie Supporting  Sam Benenati, Director
I Don’t Have A Phone Supporting  Raymond Ma, Director
Unforgettable Valentine Lead  John P Aguirre, Director
Chenmo De Pengyou Supporting  Rachael Meyers, Director
Clowns VS Ninjas Supporting  Tim Herrold & Jeff Picarello, Director
Project Abaddon Supporting  Dale Fabrigar, Director
Sentinel 2099SE Supporting  Michael McGee, Director
Blood Oath Supporting  David Kiang, Director
All You Need Supporting  Randy Ser, Director
San Pedro Lead  Apuzzo Productions, USC
Chalk Supporting  Rob Nilsson, Director
Title Role Director / Company
Touch Co-Star FOX / Gwyneth Horder Payton, Dir.
The Closer Co-Star TNT / Nelson McCormick, Dir.
MONK Co-Star USA / Michael Watkins, Dir.
Women On Top Co-Star Pilot / John P. Aguirre, Dir.
Rock Me Baby Co-Star WB / Leonard R. Garner, Jr., Dir.
ARLI$$ Co-Star HBO / Robert Wuhl, Director
The Cavalry Rides Again Series Lead PBS/Calvary Productions
Title Role Director / Company
Acura Lead Studio 350
We Made A Mountain For You Co-Star Disney
Get Smart #2, “The Extremely Smart Finap” Training Video Lead Union Bank of California
“Smart” Training Video for Union Bank of California Lead B&B Communications
Effective Supervision for the City of Long Beach Lead Home Town Television CH. 21
NEC Lead Media Atelier Productions
Title Role Director / Company
Conrad Hotel Fashion Show MC Pichitra, Thailand
The Julian Perry Show Jamie/Lead Oakland Dramatic Ensemble
East Side Story Review Marge/Lead Oakland High Term Play
Randy The Red-Horned RainMoose Hustle Isis Development Theater


Intensive Scene Study : Paul Haggis – Current

Beverly Hills Playhouse : Allen Barton & Art Cohan – Current

Shaolin Wushu Center : Master Hu Jianqiang – Current

Joseph Reitman (Acting Coach)

Audition Technique & Preparation: G. Charles Wright & John M. Keating

Beverly Hills Playhouse : Richard Lawson

Westside Boxing Club : The Saucedo Brothers

Gregg Edwards (Acting Coach)

Frederick Ponzlov (Meisner Acting Coach)

The Groundlings : Brian Palermo

Shari Shaw : Acting Coach

Christine Romeo : Acting Coach

Cold Reading : Damona Resnick, East-West Players

Fundamentals of Acting : Glen Chin, East-West Players

Voice : Steven Lui

Acting – TV & Film : Bruno Borello

Total Video : Nancy Hayes

Principles & Theory of Improvisation : Judith Piper

Voice : Verna M. Weaver

Ballroom Dancing : Teddy Lee, Renaissance

Acting for Commercials & Television : Robert Conrad


Fluent: Chinese (Cantonese Dialect) Thai (Conversational)

Conversational: Thai

Special Skills

Able to move ears, Ballroom Dancing, Bartending, Bowling, Boxing, Excellent in Rappelling, Expert Marksman (M16 and 22 Cal Rifle), Flute, Football, Golf, Horseback Riding, Inline Skating, Kung-Fu, Piano, Pro Go-Kart Racing, RC Car Racing, Singing, Teleprompter Reading and Valid Passport.

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